July 26, 2020

Breaking news Trump boasts about accomplishments in July 4th video

Breaking news

Breaking news President Donald Trump tweeted a video on Saturday afternoon, too.

July 5, 2020, 12: 50 AM

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President Donald Trump returned to a theme he hammered home while at Mount Rushmore a day earlier at some stage in remarks at July Fourth celebrations, labeled the “Salute to The US,” outdoors the White Condominium on Saturday.

In the wake of protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody and requires Accomplice monuments to be torn down, the president said he would “safeguard our values, traditions, customs and beliefs.”

“We are in a position to by no methodology allow an mad mob to slump down our statues, erase our historical past, indoctrinate our kids or trample on our freedoms,” Trump said.

The president took the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence to streak after the media, announcing the press “falsely and consistently” labels opponents as racist.

“When you level all of these deceptive fees, you now no longer easiest slander me, you now no longer easiest slander the American people, but you slander generations of heroes who gave their lives for The US,” he claimed.

“You are slandering younger men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima and these that perished battling for freedom within the Civil Battle,” he added. “You slander them. You is also dishonoring their extensive legacy and their memory by insisting that they fought for racism and they fought for oppression.”

Trump spoke for about 15 minutes sooner than standing apart the first woman to survey an aerial parade of protection force aircraft from World Battle II, the Korean Battle, Vietnam Battle and the conflicts within the Middle East.

Earlier Saturday, Trump tweeted a video wishing the nation a overjoyed Fourth of July.

All through many of the roughly minute-prolonged video, Trump boasted about the accomplishments of his administration, announcing that pre-COVID, the US became as soon as doing “better than any nation had ever performed in historical past” at the side of that we’re now “getting shut to battling our map out of it.”

“Now we get a nation that is no longer any doubt coming round again,” the president said within the video. “We had the finest unemployment numbers, we had the finest employment numbers, we had the finest stock market numbers that we ever had. We were doing better than any nation had ever performed in historical past.”

“After which we received hit with this awful plague from China,” Trump persevered.

“Now we’re getting shut to battling our map out of it,” he said, at the side of, “our jobs numbers are spectacular.”

Trump’s Fourth of July well desires apply his speech at Mount Rushmore Friday night.

All through Friday’s speech, he made limited existing of the surge in conditions within the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and as an alternate dove head-first into the custom wars and away from any talk about of cohesion. He railed in opposition to protesters one day of his remarks, calling them “mad mobs,” which he says pose a “growing hazard.”

“Our nation is witnessing a cruel marketing campaign to wipe out our historical past, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our kids,” Trump said. “Their aim is now no longer a better The US. Their aim is to total The US.”

His Mount Rushmore speech, attended by about 3,700 people, came as many states are rolling wait on their reopening plans and as the nation posted another divulge-breaking day within the amount of diagnosed coronavirus conditions.

ABC News’ Jordyn Phelps contributed to this divulge.

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