July 26, 2020

Google The OnePlus One is getting Android 10, thanks to LineageOS 17.1


Personalized ROMs are no longer as trendy as they as soon as were, however they restful dangle their place within the Android world. Right here is an example: the OnePlus One, a phone that came out in 2014, will rapidly be ready to whisk stable Android 10 by technique of LineageOS 17.1.

The OPO was as soon as OnePlus’s first smartphone, and it supplied insane bang for the buck — that is, whenever you happen to may maybe find an invite for one. Odds are that no longer barely loads of you is also restful using them as your day-to-day drivers, however whenever you happen to dangle one in a drawer someplace, it ought to be worth flashing LOS 17.1 on there truthful for the hell of it. Finally, there may maybe be no longer any longer worthy else to enact whereas we’re all stuck at house.

To make certain, the put is rarely at all times available for accumulate truthful but, however the OnePlus One and its sweet “bacon” codename dangle regarded on the LineageOS GitHub. We will make certain to update this post when the accumulate becomes available on the OPO’s LineageOS accumulate page.

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