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Breaking Man accused of illegally detaining Black 18-year-old heading to basketball practice

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Luis Orlando Santos Santiago, 54, acted as a "vigilante," prosecutors said.July 29, 2020, 6:24 PM6 min read A former Florida theme park security guard has been arrested for allegedly acting like a "vigilante" when he "racially profiled" and falsely detained a Black teen who was on his way to basketball practice, prosecutors said. The 18-year-old…
Breaking Man accused of illegally detaining Black 18-year-old heading to basketball practice


Breaking Luis Orlando Santos Santiago, 54, acted as a “vigilante,” prosecutors stated.

July 29, 2020, 6: 24 PM

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A used Florida theme park safety guard has been arrested for allegedly performing love a “vigilante” when he “racially profiled” and falsely detained a Gloomy teen who became on his methodology to basketball be aware, prosecutors stated.

The 18-year-extinct became using his bicycle exact via the early morning hours of June 8 when Luis Santos drove his car alongside the kid.

“You’re employed right here? You live right here?” requested Santos, 54, as he recorded with a cell phone, according to excerpts released by prosecutors.

The newborn stopped and answered Santos’ questions sooner than the divulge speedily escalated.

“Which that you just would possibly be not going anywhere,” stated Santos, stepping out of his car. “Which that you just would possibly be being detained. Which that you just would possibly be not going anywhere.”

Before the 30-second video stopped, the younger man stated he became “sorry.”

Santos known as 911 claiming that the unidentified child became seen on video “breaking into autos” and that he thought the teen had stolen a bike. Prosecutors with the Hillsborough State Felony skilled’s Web narrate online of enterprise stated there became no proof of any crimes.

Santos identified himself to the 911 operator as an off-duty officer, according to the resolution recording. Santos had left his job as a theme park safety guard six months outdated to the incident, but because his required safety officer certifications were soundless precise at the time he confronted the kid, he will not be being accused of impersonating an officer, prosecutors stated.

Restful, prosecutors stated, Santos had no upright authority to detain the 18-year-extinct.

The case moreover is not being labeled as a despise crime, prosecutors confirmed to ABC Files on Wednesday.

“What came about that morning must soundless upset all americans in our neighborhood. We occupy skilled cops — we don’t decide vigilantes confronting of us on the avenue,” State Felony skilled Andrew Warren stated in a assertion regarding what “looks to be a case of racial profiling.”

Santos labeled himself as a white Hispanic and listed his employment as a store assistant in Tampa, according to jail records.

It took native sheriff’s deputies about eight minutes to come after Santos’ call, wherein the teen, who saved his hands within the air, became unnerved as Santos allegedly placed his staunch hand over his pants pocket in a “system that made the victim if truth be told feel as if the defendant will occupy a weapon, even supposing none became seen,” according to the criminal affidavit.

When deputies arrived, they “calmed the divulge down and comforted the victim. Then they took this vigilante to process for what he’d performed and referred the case to our location of enterprise for doable expenses,” Warren added. One officer then took the 18-year-extinct to his basketball be aware.

“There were newest examples of confrontations love this all the plan in which via the country which occupy ended tragically. The fact that this did not discontinue with a lack of life doesn’t invent it any much less of a crime. What Mr. Santos did is unacceptable and illegal — now he’ll face consequences for his actions,” Warren stated.

Santos became released on $2,000 bond on July 25, according to on-line jail records. If convicted on criminal third-stage unsuitable imprisonment expenses, he could glimpse up to 5 years in jail. Michelle Borton, an attorney for Santos, did not straight acknowledge to a seek records from for train from ABC Files.

The case is harking back to what ended in the 2012 taking pictures loss of life of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood build a matter to volunteer in his Florida neighborhood. Zimmerman became acquitted of Martin’s shatter after a jury trial in which he claimed to occupy acted in self protection.

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