August 24, 2020

Sports Flordelis de Souza: Brazilian MP accused of ordering husband’s murder


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Flordelis dos Santos de Souza can’t be arrested because she has parliamentary immunity

A Brazilian congresswoman has been accused of orchestrating the assassinate of her pastor husband, after extra than one botched makes an try.

Flordelis dos Santos de Souza’s husband, Anderson develop Carmo, used to be shot 30 cases at their dwelling in Rio de Janeiro in June 2019.

Ms de Souza, 59, acknowledged her husband, 42, had been killed in a robbery.

But prosecutors announce they’ve unearthed a assassinate plot, implicating Ms de Souza and a lot of different of her kids.

Ms de Souza, a necessary person lawmaker for Rio de Janeiro who chanced on popularity as a gospel singer sooner than entering politics, has pushed aside the allegations, insisting she is harmless.

On Monday, prosecutors announced expenses in opposition to Ms de Souza and 10 others, including six of her kids and one granddaughter. Arrest warrants were issued in opposition to nine of the accused.

Police might perhaps well perhaps even no longer arrest Ms de Souza, identified as Flordelis to her fans, because her set of living as an elected lawmaker affords her parliamentary immunity.

As a change, detectives salvage written to Congress with details of their investigation, soliciting for Ms de Souza to be stripped of her parliamentary set of living.

“The conclusion the investigation reached used to be this: that she [Ms de Souza] planned this cowardly assassinate,” homicide chief Antonio Ricardo Lima Nunes told journalists.

He cited a feud over Mr develop Carmo’s coping with of the family’s finances as a that you just might perhaps focus on motive.

Prosecutors described a vicious family row in which Ms de Souza’s husband blocked her from giving “preferential therapy” to her well-liked kids.

They acknowledged Ms de Souza had tried to poison her husband no longer no longer as much as six cases sooner than indirectly ordering a lot of of her kids to execute him.

Mr develop Carmo, 42, used to be gunned down within the early hours of 16 June at the couple’s dwelling in Niteroi, a metropolis in south-east Brazil.

Investigators acknowledged Flavio dos Santos Rodrigues, Ms de Souza’s biological son, fired the photos that killed his stepfather, with a gun bought by Lucas Cesar dos Santos, one among the couple’s adopted kids.

Given Ms de Souza’s necessary person set of living, Mr develop Carmo’s assassinate and the following investigation has attracted mighty media attention in Brazil.

Ms de Souza and her husband, who were parents to higher than 50 biological and adopted kids, were belief to be a energy couple of Brazil’s burgeoning Evangelical Christian scoot.

The lawmaker has pleaded her innocence, insisting she “by no methodology ordered this savage crime” her lawyer acknowledged, in accordance to Brazilian media.

But talking to Brazilian TV network Globo, police commissioner Allan Duarte portrayed Ms de Souza because the ringleader of the alleged assassinate plot.

“The investigation demonstrated that [Ms de Souza’s] image of altruism and decency used to be merely a ploy to manufacture wealth and political energy,” he acknowledged.

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