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Sports Mother in legal fight to save dead transgender daughter’s sperm

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Image copyright Central Scotland News Agency Image caption Ellie Anderson had her sperm frozen at the age of 14 in the hope of one day becoming a parent A Scottish woman is preparing to take legal action to prevent fertility doctors from destroying her transgender daughter's frozen sperm. Louise Anderson wants to use the frozen…
Sports Mother in legal fight to save dead transgender daughter’s sperm


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Central Scotland News Company

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Ellie Anderson had her sperm frozen on the age of 14 in the hope of 1 day changing valid into a parent

A Scottish lady is getting able to use lawful motion to forestall fertility docs from destroying her transgender daughter’s frozen sperm.

Louise Anderson wants to use the frozen sperm of her daughter, Ellie, to create a grandchild.

Ellie, who lived in Stirling, died in July feeble 16.

She became transgender and acknowledged as a girl. Ellie had her sperm frozen when she became 14 so she might possibly presumably at last have her hold biological children.

Her mother wants to honour her needs posthumously, the use of Ellie’s sperm, an egg donor and a surrogate.

Solicitors performing on Louise’s behalf conception to use the case to the Court docket of Session in Edinburgh.

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Louise Anderson wants to use an egg donor and a surrogate to have her daughter’s little one

Ms Anderson talked about Ellie had identified she became transgender from an early age.

“As a teen she delayed hormone blockers to place her sperm to allow her to have her hold biological children. She had made me promise that if one thing else were to happen to her, her children might possibly presumably be brought into the sector.”

She suggested BBC Scotland: “I’m going to compose the total lot I will to honour her needs – no longer correct for her but for anybody else who’s caught in this space. It more or less sparked a little bit fireplace in my belly and I are making an try to invent her needs attain valid.”

Ellie’s sperm became frozen at Glasgow Royal Infirmary Fertility Health center but it surely has suggested Ms Anderson the sample can no longer be retained.

Below newest UK human fertilisation recommendations, if Ellie became in a relationship when she died, her companion would have had the correct to hunt recordsdata from for her sperm to be retained. Her mother doesn’t have that valid.

Sports Court docket remark

Attorneys can even undercover agent a court docket remark combating it from being destroyed.

Solicitor Virgil Crawford, who’s performing for Louise, talked about it became an “unparalleled, inspiring, significant and intricate lawful challenge”.

“What we’re making an try to manufacture might possibly presumably be to receive an remark from the court docket that Ellie’s mum might possibly presumably be entitled to invent use of her sperm for the motive that Ellie intended – that being to create a genetic little undoubtedly one of hers and a grandchild for Ms Anderson.”

Failing that, they’d hope the court docket would converse the original legislation wants to be modified.

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Louise Anderson

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Ellie Anderson became born a boy but acknowledged as a girl

David Obree, a fellow in medical ethics on the College of Edinburgh, suggested the BBC that he believes Ellie’s transgender role is “irrelevant”.

He talked about: “The predominant question is what did she intend the sperm to be aged for? The question the court docket must undercover agent at is did she specifically consent or seek recordsdata from that her sperm be aged by a Third birthday party?”

Ellie, who had started taking feminine hormones, died in Forth Valley Health center after falling in unhappy health in Decrease Bridge Avenue, Stirling.

She became a pupil at St Modan’s RC High Faculty and had secured a space at City of Glasgow College to seem for hairdressing.

Her death is described as “unascertained”.

A spokeswoman for NHS Larger Glasgow and Clyde, which runs the fertility clinic, talked about: “We are sorry to hear about this young lady’s death and our sympathies are with her household.

“Glasgow Royal Infirmary Assisted Belief Products and services is licensed and regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. The storage of gametes (sperm) is managed in line with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (1990) and complies with the concurs offered by the donors.”

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