August 29, 2020

Sports Medal for hero dog Kuno who saved soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan


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Kuno has carried out two deployments to Afghanistan

A military canine who charged via enemy gunfire to place the lives of British soldiers combating al-Qaeda in Afghanistan is to be awarded the animal same of the Victoria Unpleasant.

One day of a raid, the Belgian Malinois named Kuno tackled a gunman and was once hit by bullets in both encourage legs.

After losing one among his paws which capacity, he grew to turn out to be the first UK military canine to procure personalized prosthetics.

The four-year-gentle will receive the Dickin Medal from vet charity the PDSA.

Now retired and rehomed, Kuno – who was once trained to detect explosives, weapons and incapacitate enemies – will possible be awarded the medal for valour at a virtual ceremony in November.

Kuno and his handler had been deployed to encourage elite Special Boat Service (SBS) forces all over a night raid focused on al-Qaeda extremists in Afghanistan closing year after they got here below assault.

The forces, pinned down by grenade and machine-gun fire from an rebel, possess been unable to come.

Kuno was once sent in to interrupt the deadlock. Without hesitation, he charged via a hail of bullets whereas sporting night imaginative and prescient goggles to take care of the gunman, wrestling him to the bottom and halting his assault.

Kuno in the extinguish changed the course of the mission and helped the forces efficiently total it.

But all over the assault he was once shot in both his hind legs and was once treated by his handler and medics in a encourage of a helicopter as they made their solution to safety.

He suffered severe injuries – in conjunction with a bullet narrowly missing a prime artery – and needed several lifestyles-saving operations forward of he’ll be flown encourage to the UK for added treatment.

Vets needed to amputate part of 1 in all his rear paws to stop a lifestyles-threatening an infection taking retain.

After returning to the UK on an RAF aircraft, he underwent huge reconstructive surgery.

Ethical love injured soldiers, Kuno began a lengthy rehabilitation programme to revive characteristic to his nerves and muscle groups, and is claimed to possess notably loved his durations on the hydrotherapy treadmill.

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Kuno grew to turn out to be the first UK military canine to be fitted with personalized prosthetic limbs

Internal months, he was once fitted with a personalized prosthesis to interchange his missing paw and an orthotic brace to reduction his injured limb.

Kuno, who was once on his 2d deployment when he was once injured, is the first UK military canine to be fitted with such devices, which enable him to breeze and soar unencumbered – giving him many extra pleased years in retirement.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace stated: “Without Kuno, the course of this operation might need been very diversified, and it is decided he saved the lives of British personnel that day.

“This reveal raid was once one among basically the most needed achievements against al Qaeda in different years.

“Kuno’s epic reminds us no longer simplest of the devoted carrier of our soldiers and military canines, however furthermore the spacious care that the UK Armed Forces provide to the animals that back alongside them.”

PDSA director total Jan McLoughlin stated Kuno’s “bravery and devotion to accountability” made him a “totally deserving” recipient of the Dickin Medal.

The prestigious award was once first introduced by the charity’s founder, Maria Dickin CBE, in 1943. It is the absolute most practical award any animal can create whereas serving in military war.

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Media captionEight-year-gentle Mali was once given the Dickin Medal for serving in Afghanistan

Kuno will turn out to be the 72nd recipient of the medal, with old recipients in conjunction with 34 canines, 32 World Battle II messenger pigeons, four horses and one cat.

Amongst them is Mali, an eight-year-gentle Belgian Malinois, who was once injured by a grenade whereas retaining UK soldiers all over a mission in Afghanistan in 2012.

One other military canine, Conan, was once injured all over a US raid that killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the chief of the Islamic Divulge group.

And a French police canine who died in a raid after the Paris assaults – which killed 130 other folks – was once furthermore honoured with the award.

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