September 1, 2020

Sports Meet Senegal’s first female professional surfer


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Khadjou Sambe, Senegal’s first feminine legit surfer, trains shut to her home in the district of Ngor – the westernmost point of the African continent.

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

“I’d repeatedly ogle folks browsing and I’d issue to myself: ‘However where are the women who surf?'” says the 25-year-historic.

“I believed: ‘Why don’t I skedaddle browsing, symbolize my country, symbolize Africa, symbolize Senegal, as a sad girl?'”

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

Reuters photojournalist Zohra Bensemra has documented Sambe’s training and her coaching of alternative women and women.

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

“I repeatedly think to myself, once I acquire up in the morning: ‘Khadjou, you may perchance presumably presumably also just relish obtained one thing to carry out, you symbolize one thing in all areas in the arena, you may perchance presumably presumably also just relish to skedaddle straight to the point, don’t stop.'”

“Whatever folks issue, don’t listen, skedaddle forward – so that all people can acquire up and focus on they can surf.”

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

The surfer is now keen the following period to defy cultural norms and take to the waves.

Sambe trains rookies at Dim Girls Surf (BGS), a training faculty for women and women who need to compete in legit browsing.

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

She encourages her students to manufacture the bodily and psychological energy to poke waves and smash the mould in a society which most steadily expects them to discontinuance at home, cook dinner, good, and marry young.

“I repeatedly drawl them no longer to listen to folks, to dam their ears,” Sambe says.

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

Sambe is a proud Lebou – an ethnic neighborhood that historically lives by the sea.

Increasing up in the coastal capital of Dakar, Sambe never observed a sad girl browsing the Atlantic swells.

As a teen, her folks refused to enable her to surf for two-and-a-half of years, announcing it introduced disgrace on the family.

“My resolution became stable adequate to agree with them alternate their minds,” she says.

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

Sambe started browsing when she became 14 years historic.

In an

interview with the BBC, she said: “The predominant time I attempted browsing I wasn’t afraid the least bit, I became staunch so excited to acquire into the water.

“When you rep that first wave, you’re so blissful that you just yowl so that everyone can hear you – on narrative of you’re deliver material to relish stood up and stayed standing.

“It became just a minute great initially on narrative of I became the glorious girl browsing here, and folks were just a minute fancy: ‘What’s a girl doing here? Here’s a sport for boys.’

“Clearly that’s no longer staunch, and folks truly inspired me and told me no longer to listen.”

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

Residents of Ngor relish change into conscious of seeing Sambe carrying her board thru the slim alleyways leading to the shore.

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

Sambe trains with her coach Rhonda Harper (under left), the founder of BGS.

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

Harper explains that Sambe arrived with out a cent in her pocket, talking no English and with a wild, free surf style that wanted taming to adapt to the construction of surf competitions.

“It be fancy looking out for to take a tornado and do a rope spherical it, wrangle that factor down, on narrative of she is this form of dynamic surfer – it is no longer easy,” says Harper.

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

In recent months, Sambe has broken-down a rental overlooking the ocean as a scandalous whilst she trains.

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

“After I am in the water, I truly feel one thing unparalleled, one thing particular in my coronary heart,” says Sambe.

image copyrightZohra Bensemra / Reuters

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