September 3, 2020

Business 1,469 people in the US and Canada have been sickened by a salmonella outbreak linked to onions produced by Thomson International


Business onions red yellow sliced food shutterstock_537503362Business onions red yellow sliced food shutterstock_537503362 1,469 salmonella infections had been linked to California-grown onions.


  • 1,469 members hold reported Salmonella Newport illnesses linked to onions produced by California-based completely Thomson World, Inc.
  • On August 1, Thomson World, Inc issued a voluntary win of onions bought across all 50 states in predominant grocery stores along with Walmart, Kroger, and Trader Joe’s.
  • Within the US, 1,012 illnesses had been reported along with 136 hospitalizations. In Canada, 457 illnesses had been reported, along with 66 hospitalizations and one dying.
  • The Facilities for Disease Lift watch over and Prevention veil that the illnesses reported in the US started between June 19 and August 11.
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A Salmonella Newport outbreak linked to broadly-bought onions has now sickened a total of 1,469 folks in the US and Canada.

On August 1, California-based completely Thomson World, Inc issued a win of onions bought in all 50 US states for doable contamination. The affected onions, besides products containing them, had been bought at predominant grocery outlets along with Walmart, Kroger, Trader Joe’s, and more.

As of August 31, the Facilities for Disease Lift watch over and Prevention reports that 1,012 folks in the US had been infected with the stress of Salmonella Newport linked to Thomson World’s onions. The outbreak has sickened folks below the age of 1 up to the age of 102-years-broken-down, with 136 reported hospitalizations. The reported illnesses started between June 19 and August 11. 

No deaths had been linked to the outbreak in the US, however in Canada — where 457 illnesses and 66 hospitalizations had been reported — one person has died. Nonetheless, the Public Health Company of Canada states that it is a ways unknown if salmonella “contributed to the reason of dying.”

A joint investigation by the PHAC, US Meals and Drug Administration, and the CDC has tied the 2 outbreaks in the nations collectively, and has known the provision of contamination as Thomson World’s pink onions. Yellow, white, and candy yellow onions from Thomson World would perchance maybe moreover had been inferior.

The CDC notes that it takes a median of two-to-four weeks for an sickness to be reported, and that the onset of salmonella indicators most steadily happen around six days after publicity. Symptoms consist of diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps. Whenever you happen to suspect you will hold a salmonella infection, the CDC recommends talking to your healthcare provider.

Check out the FDA’s record of recollects here.

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