September 3, 2020

Sports Skateboard crash boy urges skaters to wear helmets


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Kirsty Hudson

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Sid Hudson, 16, said he used to be “alive and chuffed” as he recovers from his head harm

A boy who virtually died in a fall at a skate park has said he would now flee skaters to wear safety helmets, even though it “would no longer look frigid”.

Sid Hudson, 16, from Bury St Edmunds, suffered a “catastrophic” head harm in the fracture on ramps in the metropolis in July, when he used to be no longer wearing a helmet.

He used to be treated at Addenbrooke’s Smartly being facility in Cambridge and attach in a medically-precipitated coma but returned home three weeks ago.

Sid said he felt grateful to be alive.

He said it used to be no longer pure to wear a helmet in the skateboarding culture attributable to it “messes up your steadiness” and “it would no longer look frigid”.

“But now that I in fact have had this harm, I realise that I could per chance well well rather no longer look frigid than damage my head open again or die even,” said the teenager.

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Sid used to be attach in a medically-precipitated coma after the skateboard fracture

Sid spent four weeks in medical institution following the fracture on 11 July.

He said would possibly per chance well well additionally no longer utterly endure in mind what came about but used to be attempting a brand fresh skateboarding trick on the time.

Others have told him a exiguous rock stopped his board and forced him right into a ramp.

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Sid returned home after a month in medical institution

The teenager said it used to be “tainted” when he awoke from the coma.

“It felt like I had dazzling woken up from a nightmare but I was composed in a nightmare,” he said.

He said he used to be struggling to come aid to terms with how little he would possibly per chance well well additionally maintain as he recovered from his injuries but said: “I’m alive and I’m chuffed.

“I’m loving all the pieces and I dazzling desire to unfold awareness about this attributable to I never thought a little bit rock would trigger this noteworthy harm.”

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Sid used to be injured on the skate park in Bury St Edmunds

Sid’s mum Kirsty Hudson beforehand said medics “thought he used to be going to die as it used to be this kind of catastrophic harm”.

It has no longer, on the unreal hand, attach her son off the hobby.

“I would truly like to skateboard again,” said Sid.

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