September 13, 2020

Sports I felt my life was over when I saw my damaged face


By Angie Brown

BBC Scotland News


image copyrightSeria Hogg

image captionSeria Hogg mentioned she failed to are desirous to are residing when she saw the ruin to her face

When Seria Hogg used to be knocked off her bike by a hit-and-flee driver, she used to be left with deep cuts to her face, a broken and collapsed cheekbone, four missing enamel and a damaged tongue.

It took a one year of dental work and three operations to reconstruct her face, but she has been left with psychological as well as bodily scars.

The 49-one year-outdated from Penicuik in Midlothian mentioned she first realised the extent of her injuries when her 19-one year-outdated son visited her in well being facility and cried when he saw her face.

When she used to be given a mirror in well being facility and saw the ruin for herself, she mentioned she used to be “entirely scared”.

“My face used to be presumably twice the size it goes to still had been due to there were so many stitches. I sobbed as I couldn’t undergo to see at myself,” she mentioned.

“I tried to be so great for my household despite feeling admire my lifestyles used to be over.”

Teenagers were visibly anxious by her face and adults would look, the mum-of-three mentioned.

“It used to be a poor time,” she mentioned. “I wasn’t equipped any counselling by the NHS or told about any organisations who would possibly presumably reduction me.

“A one year went by of attending appointments, going to work and the complete while I used to be entirely unravelling and it culminated in me having a breakdown.”

image copyrightSeria Hogg

image captionThe left hand aspect of Seria Hogg’s face remains numb so she can’t smile

Seria had been cycling in Edinburgh when she used to be knocked down by a disqualified driver in April 2009. He used to be later fined £600 for abominable riding.

“I am unable to be awake one thing about the accident and after I regained consciousness I used to be internal an MRI scanner. It used to be upsetting and I didn’t know the place I used to be,” she mentioned.

“They then sewed all my face up. I asked what number of stitches I had and they mentioned there were so many they couldn’t depend.”

A bone needed to be cemented in her jaw and she had to lumber for three hours to the dentist each week for extra than a one year.

She mentioned: “The repairs were so stressful and the drilling so painful and it precipitated me to reduction refocussing on the accident.”

She had an operation on her nose, one other for titanium plates to be fitted and a third the usage of cartilage from her ear to repair her face.

“I had compatible started coming into my include as a girl and feeling confident when this took predicament and all at after I felt admire my lifestyles used to be over, it used to be a truly laborious factor to address,” she mentioned.

“I felt I couldn’t see at folks or they would be troubled or disgusted. I overcame it first and well-known by pretending but in fact I used to be falling aside and then a one year later I had a breakdown.

“I grew my hair that used to be very short in a describe to cover my scars but it with out a doubt used to be in some unspecified time in the future of my face and I compatible couldn’t veil it.”

image copyrightSeria Hogg

image captionSeria Hogg had short hair before her accident but grew it to veil her scars

Trying the salvage 5 years after the collision, she came across free counselling charity Changing Faces, for these that had suffered “viewed differences” to their faces.

“I desire I had identified about this charity on the time due to my facial injuries in fact affected my psychological well being,” she mentioned.

“If I had identified about the charity sooner I’d had been in a region to salvage reduction sooner and probably I need to still not include had a breakdown.”

Eleven years later Seria still is unable to feel one aspect of her face, meaning she can’t smile.

Now she plans to cycle from Land’s Discontinue to John o’ Groats solo in a describe to engage money for Changing Faces.

“I made up my thoughts that the driver had already impacted my lifestyles so considerable that I wasn’t going to let him maintain my like for cycling away,” she mentioned.

“It still does upset me as it used to be such an abominable time so I could screech the time on my include on the bike to task my accident and specialise in how considerable has modified since then.”

Catherine Deakin, Changing Faces director of fundraising, says: “Seria’s unbelievable cycling field will reduction us reduction birth

the UK’s finest free counselling carrier for folks with viewed differences who need extra reduction to cope.”

She sets off on her cycle on 18 September.

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