September 18, 2020

Sports Britons reminded over post-Brexit travel


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The authorities is launching a new initiative to help UK travellers heading to the EU after the Brexit transition length ends in December.

Anybody booking a European day out for 2021 will be suggested to envision a dedicated online page beforehand.

From January, the UK will now no longer be following EU tips and travellers would possibly well hold to take care of extra measures.

These would possibly well include having health insurance or a global drivers licence.

Crucially, it warns people that they would be unable to dawdle unless their passports are knowledgeable for no lower than one more six months from their date of dawdle.

And passports must be lower than 10 years mature.

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Commercials will seem in print, reminding people of the changing tips spherical EU dawdle

The campaign will furthermore include selling in online and print publications, moreover as on social media.

The advice says people would possibly well hold to spend health insurance as European Health Insurance Playing cards – which mature to ensure UK travellers free or diminished-trace healthcare at some point soon of a non permanent pause at some point soon of the EU, Norway and Switzerland – will now no longer be knowledgeable.

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Some worldwide locations would possibly well no longer recognise UK utilizing licences so travellers who’re searching to force will must practice for a global utilizing allow.

The brand new task for getting permission to take care of pets into the EU will take care of four months to complete, and UK mobile telephone customers will now no longer revel in automatic toll-free files roaming.

The knowledge will be accessible on a page of the authorities online page.

Wendy Morton, the minister for the European neighbourhood, acknowledged the campaign would help travellers “by bringing collectively the total files they hold to know in one situation to allow them to thought in advance and discover on with their day out.”

Figures from the ONS masks that UK residents made 67m visits to EU worldwide locations in 2019.

Mark Tanzer, chief govt of the dawdle exchange physique Abta, acknowledged: “Europe is dwelling to some of basically the most well-favored locations for British holidaymakers.

“Many people will be making plans for travelling to Europe next one year, so Abta and its contributors are fervent to work with the UK authorities to develop prospects attentive to any adjustments that will affect their dawdle arrangements.”

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