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Sports Covid-19: Quarter of UK under stricter rules, and students stuck in halls

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Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday morning. We'll have another update for you on Sunday.1. Quarter of UK population under strict Covid rulesMore than a quarter of people in the UK are set to be subject to stricter coronavirus lockdown rules by the end of the weekend.…
Sports Covid-19: Quarter of UK under stricter rules, and students stuck in halls


Listed here are five things it be necessary to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday morning. We’ll hang one other update for you on Sunday.

Sports 1. Quarter of UK inhabitants beneath strict Covid rules

Extra than a quarter of folks in the UK are field to be field to stricter coronavirus lockdown rules by the conclude of the weekend. Unusual rules come into drive on Saturday in parts of northern England – Leeds, Wigan, Stockport and Blackpool – which ban households from mixing in each and every a great deal of’s homes or gardens. Later, Llanelli in Carmarthenshire will seemingly be field to rules additionally limiting households mixing – with Cardiff and Swansea to salvage the same restrictions 24 hours later. This is able to possibly possibly also unbiased preserve shut the total different of folks all during the UK living beneath stricter rules to 17 million. Read the corpulent story here – and here’s an clarification of exactly which areas are beneath native lockdown.

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Sports 2. Up to 1,700 students locked down in halls

The brand new college 365 days has fully proper began, however a entire bunch of students at Manchester Metropolitan College are being compelled to self-isolate of their accommodation block for 2 weeks after a virulent disease of cases. One student stated there hang been police and safety officers exterior the halls who stated “we can’t leave”. “Now we hang been informed we are likely to be now not allowed to leave and if we attain we can’t come encourage, so now we are all stuck internal,” one other student stated. Meanwhile, students in Scotland hang been informed no longer to transfer to pubs, events or restaurants this weekend.

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Sports 3. Teenagers in the encourage of rising seek details from for assessments in England

We have heard plenty in contemporary weeks about an develop in seek details from for assessments, and now figures demonstrate the place some of that seek details from would possibly want come from. The different of young teenagers searching for coronavirus assessments almost trebled in England this month – however fully 1% were truly stumbled on to hang the virus. The authorities figures demonstrate that seek details from for assessments increased all through all age groups beneath 40, however it for sure used to be severely noticeable amongst the beneath-20s. This intriguing rise in seek details from in England coincided with the birth of the new faculty term.

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Sports 4. UK to donate £500m to global vaccine sharing draw

A pre-recorded speech by Prime Minister Boris Johnson will seemingly be performed to the United Countries over Zoom later on the present time. In it, Mr Johnson will promise £500m for a brand new draw designed to invent definite any therapies for Covid-19 are distributed somewhat – so poorer international locations can additionally salvage entry to a jab if and when one is developed. He’ll additionally promise extra funding for the World Successfully being Organization. It comes as the WHO warned that the demise toll for the virus would possibly attain two million earlier than an efficient vaccine is widely extinct. There is more on once we would salvage a vaccine here.

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Sports 5. fight ‘maskne’ – or face veil breakouts

Masks hang long past from being something you in general fully note on clinical workers, to a compulsory piece of day to day life. Nonetheless for some they’re taking a great deal of getting extinct to. One of the important complications they’re reportedly causing is “maskne” or veil-connected zits. Manual dermatologist Dr Sivanie Sewell has some tricks on what it’s most likely you’ll possibly possibly possibly attain to end spots when carrying a veil – however additionally how to take care of breakouts while you salvage one.

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Media captionThey’re a bit of day to day life, so how are you able to wear a face veil and hang sure pores and skin too?

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