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Corona china | Expropriation: National Assembly re-establishes ad hoc committee to amend Section 25

The National Assembly re-established the committee to amend Section 25 of the Constitution to allow expropriation without compensation.The original committee lapsed because it could not complete its work by the end of May deadline due to the lockdown.The new deadline is 31 December. The National Assembly adopted a motion to re-establish an ad hoc committee…


Corona china | Nelson Mandela Bay: Govt should consider Level 4 for metro, says acting mayor

Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Thsonono Buyeye says government must consider a Level 4 lockdown in the city.He says very little adherence is done by residents amid growing cases and deaths in the metro.He adds that Covid-19 infections have increased among municipal workers.A crippled health sector and very little adherence to regulations of social distancing, as…